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'A welcome addition to the UK jazz and blues circuit. Jessica De Giudici is a first class singer with a wide vocal range, a strong stage presence and performs with raw emotion'
Jennifer Jackson (The Jazz Department), London
'Jess embodies the raw spirit of the blues, subtle inflections and tonal changes combined with a womanly power make for a mesmerising experience'
Sean Lennon (Screw Music Blog), London
'Stunning vocals'
Stuart Meyers (SEaT Capital), London
'Jessica sings with real heart, soul and sass; a big, rich, smokey voice'
Chris Boddington (Cafe Crema), London
'The vocals of Jess are nothing short of outstanding'
Graham (, London
'A voice full of personality'
Louis Cabases, Giovanni Ballerini, Eleonora Bagarotti, Valerio Corzani, Piero Galletti
(Jury 'On The Road Festival' ), Florence Italy

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