'A welcome addition to the UK jazz and blues circuit. Jessica De Giudici is a first class singer with a wide vocal range, a strong stage presence and performs with raw emotion'
Jennifer Jackson (The Jazz Department), London
'Jess embodies the raw spirit of the blues, subtle inflections and tonal changes combined with a womanly power make for a mesmerising experience'
Sean Lennon (Screw Music Blog), London
'Stunning vocals'
Stuart Meyers (SEaT Capital), London
'Jessica sings with real heart, soul and sass; a big, rich, smokey voice'
Chris Boddington (Cafe Crema), London
'The vocals of Jess are nothing short of outstanding'
Graham (live-promotions.co.uk), London
'A voice full of personality'
Louis Cabases, Giovanni Ballerini, Eleonora Bagarotti, Valerio Corzani, Piero Galletti
(Jury 'On The Road Festival' ), Florence Italy